Ready to be a Brow babe?

Brow game strong.

Is Microblading Right for Me?

Not sure if your a candidate for Microblading? Not everyone is. Click below to read more about contraindications prior to booking your appointments.

The Microblading Process

Not to sure what to expect from your appointment? Click to get a brief description of what you can expect during your microblading session.

After Care Instructions

Clients receive an aftercare kit to care for their brows following their Initial Application along with access to view aftercare instructions at your convenience.


Brow Transformations

Here at The Microblade Nurse we tailor every brow transformation to compliment the face the brows belong to. No two clients will have the same shape, as we are each unique in our appearance as we are in our style. Brow transformations are exciting for us as much as they are for our beautiful clients.